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Helium Taxi

I am really thrilled to announce that Helium Taxi, my first-ever album of original music, is available to buy today. The album is a collection of eight instrumental tunes, in the newgrass / jazzgrass / progressive-acoustic / whatever-you-want-to-call-it genre(s). It was all recorded live, no overdubs, on Cinco de Mayo 2012, with a string-band lineup including some of […]

more thoughts on the self+crowdfunding era

There’s a really interesting discussion going on, sparked by Amanda Palmer’s smashing of a significant milestone on Kickstarter in May. I was drawn in by Austin Kleon’s response to a New York Times article about the whole thing. Go read that in another tab. I’ll wait. Then Scholl responded, via Tumblr, with a clarification: he […]

another solo gig recap

About two and a half years ago I played a gig at the downtown Austin farmers’ market where I got to play guitar and focus entirely on my own material, something I hadn’t done in many years. In January I had another opportunity to do it again, so I rounded up three great musicians to […]

new song: Your Sing-a-ma-jigs And You

Just posted another new song over at As I mentioned on Twitter when releasing this, someday I suppose I’ll record “serious” music again, but until then, you’ll get weird stuff like this. Like Cheris and I always say to the kids, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” Turning off […]

first song of 2010 is done

Last night I completed Crunk Juice in my dining room recording cave. There’s a full write-up over on the page. I didn’t manage to get a song released in the first month of the year per my secret New Year’s resolution, but getting the first one out on my birthday isn’t bad either. If you […]

farmers’ market gig recap

[This post is really more for personal scrapbooking purposes than for communicating with friends and family; please forgive its somewhat self-obsessesed tone. –Ed.] On Saturday, 2009/08/08, I played at the downtown farmers’ market for the first time as my own act—by that, I mean as the leader of a group that performed nothing but my […]