posts from October 2004

the UN’s corporate welfare office

This may be another fine reason for the US to get the hell out of the UN: Why is Iraq giving $190,000 to Toys R Us? Or $321,000 to Colonel Sanders? Disgusting, if it’s true. A number of American companies come off looking pretty awful in the article, and it sounds like they deserve it […]

pounding pavement again

I’m about two weeks into yet another attempt to wean my body off demon nicotine. As usual, Extra Polar Ice gum is making a great contribution to the cause. Just noticed and thought it curious that Wrigley has a “What Gum Is Made Of” link on that page, but I’m kind of afraid to read […]

week 24

Has a whole month really gone by since we posted the late pregnancy pic and news?!? Naw, can’t be, that’s crazy talk… but here’s the proof: a snapshot of Cheris yesterday, just hours after her 24-week prenatal visit. The kid and the mom are both in tip-top shape, the doc tells us. Ain’t she cute? […]

Christopher Reeve, 1952 – 2004

Goodbye, Superman.