week 24

Cheris at 20 weeks preggers Has a whole month really gone by since we posted the late pregnancy pic and news?!? Naw, can’t be, that’s crazy talk… but here’s the proof: a snapshot of Cheris yesterday, just hours after her 24-week prenatal visit. The kid and the mom are both in tip-top shape, the doc tells us. Ain’t she cute?

Yesterday marked not only 24 completed weeks of the pregnancy but 104 completed weeks of marriage. We celebrated the 2-year anniversary of our wedding with one of our favorite dates, an evening at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. We saw a sweet, romantic, anniversary-appropriate movie… complete with killer zombies, of course.

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  1. TN Family

    Shaun of the Dead was a brilliant film. Can’t believe it took two years to be shown here. Sorry for the lateness of the post.


  2. Auntie Grams

    You are ALMOST as big as I am! LOL How adorable you look my darling angel girl. How are you and Flippy feeling?

    My sister-in-law is having a baby on Wednesday. it’s a boy and they have named him Marcus. Diana is 37 and they have a 12 year old daughter. They are VERY excited and I live 1/2 a mile away. It will be fun to have a baby around. I miss mine!

    Kisses Auntie Grams

  3. Beth - AKA ...BA

    I can only smile! Thanks for bringing your joy into my day!!!

  4. Granny

    Yep…the cutest preggy girl ever in the whole world. THAT’S MY GRANDBABY!!!

  5. Cheris

    Yup, we feel great. The baby is kicking/dancing all the time. I think right about now, my kidney is the punching bag of the day.

    The doctor said that my blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and the baby’s heartbeat are all excellent.

    But you engineer/scientist types may be more interested to hear this: Nature is on the metric system! It turns out that belly measurements coincide perfectly with weeks of pregnancy IN CENTIMETERS. So I’m 24 weeks, and my measurement (from the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus) is 24 centimeters! How’s that for a pro-metric argument!

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