“the scream”

I was just about to write that for millions of Americans, the title of this post no longer references a classic painting by Edvard Munch, but rather a bizarre and unsettling Howard Dean moment in the 2004 Democratic campaign. But it seems that Reuters already wrote that. And probably a few hundred others. I guess it’s no surprise that the media beat me to my don’t-I-think-I’m-clever comparison.

So, now I won’t write that at all. I’ll just link to a fascinating press release about that painting. Professors at Texas State have pieced together the probable inspiration for the painting’s unforgettable blood red sky: the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. Cool.

Well, while the original topic is still in the vicinity of my mind, I’ll just say this: that scream is much, much weirder when you hear it on the radio than when you see him spit it out on TV. I damn near crashed the car listening to NPR on the drive home the other day. Next time your favorite news network shows it (but my, aren’t they showing it a lot?), try closing your eyes. See (hear) what I mean?

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