Freaky Friday

I’m about to go to bed, and just realized it’s Friday the 13th. All through my adolescence, I used to eagerly anticipate these days when they rolled around. There’s just something fun in trying to sell yourself on completely illogical superstitions: I would imagine what kind of weird things might happen, or try to interpret the day’s occurrences in bizarre ways to validate the “curse” of Friday the 13th.

And then it would all be promptly forgotten the next day.

But this time, though, it was forgotten entirely. I must be getting old. Well, I have turned 30 since my last post almost two weeks ago…

But seriously, the real reason I didn’t even see Friday the 13th coming (or post here for two weeks) is because of this conference next week. Been working like a whole colony of carpenter ants on amphetamines for the last two weeks. Next Tuesday it all goes down.

And then I can chill.

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