in which I get angsty about Violet learning to ski

Violet is learning to ski today at the Sierra Nevada resort right outside Granada. Her school has an amazing trip for the 5th grade every year: 200€ covers the lift tickets, bus transportation (it’s about 1hr from town), equipment rental, and instruction, for the whole school week. I think they even did a fund-raiser so kids whose families can’t afford it can go if they want to.

She’s been so excited about this, and we’ve been excited for her. But I’ve also been feeling a little guilty that she’s just finally getting to learn now, and that I won’t be there for her first experiences with it, since skiing was such a major part of my family life from about age 3 until I went off to college. Since we started our family in Texas, it’s always been logistically and/or financially impossible for us to go up to this point.

So, just using this post to wish out loud that I can find a way to get some of that family fun in the snow into our future.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Amber

    Come visit us in Taos or Denver and we’ll put you up and make family fun in the snow our priority.

  2. Rob

    Oh, riiiiiiiiight :^D

  3. cheris

    Wow… I knew you were a little dismayed… but to blog about it? Wow…

  4. Joe

    I totally get it. It’s strange and sad to me that my adult life hasn’t included a lot of skiing or snowboarding. It was also a great part of my childhood and teen years. But Violet seems to be at the perfect age to really start learning. I’m glad there’s an opportunity for that where you are.

  5. Dad

    I wouldn’t give it an ounce of regret. They can ski anytime they want when they grow up if it means that much to them.
    What you and Cheris have given them are the best things that life has to offer.
    Love, family, education, experiences, and great examples to live by.
    I couldn’t ask for more for my grandkids.

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