The Story of Tonight

First things first, here’s the track. It’s my instrumental arrangement of “The Story of Tonight”:

My family and I jumped on board the Hamilton hype train pretty early; we started listening to the soundtrack voraciously back when we were living in Spain in 2016. In June of 2019 we saw the touring production at Bass Concert Hall in Austin, and when the film version featuring the original cast was released in July 2020 we were all fired up about it again.

A few days after enjoying that incredible film, my daughter sent the family a link to a Q&A with the cast, and I was really moved by the part where Leslie Odom, Jr. talks about the powerful first impression this song made on him:

“I had never in my life, you see, seen four men of color on a stage singing together about friendship and brotherhood.”

The moment I heard that, just felt compelled to record the song myself, just as an expression of appreciation for the power and meaning in that.

screenshot of the GarageBand file for this track

RL 2020.07.12