just like old times

I water-skied today. Yeah, it’s late November, but the weather’s been beautiful all week and Mike realized it was probably our last chance for 2003, so he and Shannon hauled me out to Decker Lake in east Austin and we had a go. It was really windy, so the water was ludicrously rough. I managed to get pammeled by waves within seconds of standing up each time — my behind-the-boat skills are not what they used to be (circa 1991 — holy crap do I feel old). Mike did great, though, taking at least one decent run each with a wakeboard, slalom ski, and a surfboard. Despite my subpar performance, it was a nice afternoon and a great reminder or my pyschotic high school days on Long Island Sound, where I’m pretty sure I’ve also water-skied as late as November. Here’s to past glories and glorious presents, too.

Need a bluegrass fix. May go to see The Greencards and Two High String Band tonight.

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