posts from November 2003

apologies to all you Asian fetishists out there

Tonight I looked at the traffic logs for this site for the first time in many, many months and was absolutely shocked to see I’d had between 600 to 800 unique visitors per month for about the past six months. I don’t know nearly that many people, and I’ve done nothing to publicize this blog. […]

Billie Jean is not my lover… that kid is

Come on, now, does this really surprise anyone? (Michael Jackson Faces Arrest on Charges of Child Molesting @ NY <run-on sentence>I wish I had cable and Daria was still on so I could watch Daria watching her TV and that TV show Sick Sad World in Daria’s fictional universe would come on because that’s […]

fingers: now 18% lazier

That weird title is just a way of saying that my boundless urge to tinker with websites has resulted in a Lazy Fingers site redesign. I still haven’t tested in all browsers or got the FormMail script running properly, but I thought it looked OK and just went ahead and put it online. Now that […]

situation getting hairy (well, actually, quite the opposite)

I was getting a haircut today and it became apparent to me that I was the only guy in the place who wasn’t getting a “bald fade.” This is getting out of hand, people. I’ve had enough. This post is the kickoff of my new public outreach campaign. The bald fade’s time in American fashion […]

who’s the man?!?

Damn straight, I am. Stayed at that party for almost 6 hours and didn’t have a smoke.

tweakage in effect

OK, I’m trying to put off going to a party tonight because I know they’ll be lots of cigarettes in attendance. Having managed to not smoke for 15 days, I’d really prefer to minimize temptation. After going into the office for 6 hours on a gloomy Saturday, my mind and therefore my resolve are not […]