the next kiddo

If you haven’t heard the news yet: Cheris is pregnant again! We’re very excited to give Violet a little brother or sister (and yes, we’re planning to find out which it is this time). Cheris saw the doctor yesterday; she’s been deemed as 8 weeks along, putting the due date at Earth Day — April 22, 2007.

Can’t wait!

sonogram, ~8 weeks

Not even out of the first trimester and already the kid’s got a picture on the internet. What a weird world.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Luscious Santa

    It still works! Nice work guys.

  2. Mom and Dad L

    Dad insists the baby looks like him!
    We’re both thrilled of course!

  3. Chris Kardos

    You should see his myspace page…

    Congrats guys! Earth day will be extra special in 2007. Talk about recycling!

  4. Megan

    I’m SO happy for you guys! If this baby is as cute as Violet, there will just be a cuteness overload explosion. Congratulations! This new baby’s birthday is awfully close to Adam’s birthday. I don’t know if he wants to share his. You may want to talk to him about that…

  5. Shannon

    Yippeeee! So exciting! When are you going to know what sex it is so that we can all start buying oodles of adorable and gender-specific presents? The auntie wants to know.

  6. neal

    here is our first sonogram. We think it looks familiar, but we cant put our finger on it…

    picture here

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