one for the highlight reel

Sent this by e-mail to Bunker earlier but decided it might as well be posted too:

Went out to play a cheap 9-hole sunset round last night at Hancock after work yesterday. I’m hacking away as usual for most of the round but having fun with a pretty cool foursome of straggler singles like me.

So I start hole 6, a short par 4, with a ridiculously perfect drive — one of the best I’ll ever hit — leaving me with about a 75-yard wedge. I’ve been hitting OK at that distance all day, and I’m really hungry to take advantage of that drive, so I visualize the perfect swing and the perfect shot, set up, and… shank a line drive off to the right.

Before I can finish adequately cursing myself for blowing it, the ball hits a tree about 15 yards from the front edge of the green, caroms off at the perfect angle, bounces on the fringe, and rolls in a big gentle arc down the sloped green to a nice spot 8 feet from the flag — right where I’d visualized it.

Then I leave the birdie putt about half an inch short.

Golf giveth; golf taketh away. I can’t say I got any less than I deserved, though, and I’m certainly not complaining about the par I put on the scorecard.

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