the heck with the spare tire; break out the booze instead

Here’s a great idea, as reported on (hot damn, I love that domain name, too)…

free tow somewhere
But not just anywhere… Down in Tacoma/Pierce County, some of the tow companies have banded together to provide an anti-drinking & driving service where they will tow your car for up to 10 miles free if you’ve had too much to drink (article doesn’t mention if they are giving breathalyzer tests to confirm you’re not just lazy or what)…they feel compelled to mention at the end of the article, though, The task force says however, that the holiday program does not include towing to another bar or tavern.

The article also states that they won’t tow “inoperable vehicles,” so I guess I the plan I was hoping to propose in this post (carry a bottle of whiskey in your trunk at all times in case of breakdown: just get hammered and you’re entitled to that free tow) wouldn’t work. Damn.

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