more pics of the dotlet

In case the title needs explainin’… dotlet = daughter in the family vernacular.

Anyhow, there’s new Violety goodness in our Yahoo! Photos account:

  • Added more photos to the June/July album I started a few weeks ago. Seems I’d forgotten all of June. Ahem.
  • Started an August 2005 album too. Here’s a teaser, a result of one of Granny Annie’s first games of dress-up with her granddaughter:

Violet the Romanian baby -- my l'il girl with a cute do-rag on

Speaking of my Yahoo! Photos account… when are they going to bring in all the cool Flickr features that I’m waiting for? It’s been a little over five months now since they bought Flickr, but so far there’s not much to go with their statement that “Yahoo Photos will get a lot of Flickr features.” They’ve allowed me to merge my (barely used) Flickr account into my Yahoo ID, but so far that really doesn’t even do anything. I know these things can take a lot of time, but I’d really hoped they’d have at least announced exact plans by now (or maybe they have and I’ve just missed the news?).

I started sticking all my pictures in Yahoo because they’re partnered with my ISP, so the storage is unlimited, plus they allow Violet’s grandparents to order high-quality prints easily and have them delivered quickly. But Flickr’s got all the cool geek-friendly features and a much nicer interface… I can’t wait to see if something really cool comes out of the buyout eventually.

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  1. Granny Annie

    A true Texan, hat and all! Love it…just love it!

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