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I’m really, really getting to love Google Video.

Here’s a little gem I just found: a very skillful home-brewed version of a TV spot from that cool HP digital photography & printing campaign.

Update: and who in their right minds wouldn’t love Matrix Ping Pong?

folks before you had this to say:

  1. shan

    Wow! When I saw that ad, I thought that it was ultra-advanced video editing; if an average/mildly talented person with the right software can do that, I guess I was totally wrong.

  2. Regina

    Octopus eating Shark I found this one slightly disturbing

  3. Regina

    AND The Matrix ping pong was great!!

  4. Rob

    Yeah, I saw that octopus one — I liked it quite a bit myself.

    Google video desperately needs to let its users tag the videos; if they did that it’d become a completely consuming addiction.

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