Alfred + Lemony

Back when we lived in Taejon, we went through a Hitchcock phase: the video store around the corner from our apartment had tons of his movies and, well, they’re just so damned good. Tonight we finally saw one that our store didn’t have in stock: To Catch a Thief. Not a lot of Al’s trademark suspense, but the banter between Cary Grant and Grace Kelly was just amazing. And all the location shots of the French Riviera… Wow.

Now it’s time to crawl into bed and read: I’m on book 8 (or Book the Eighth, as the author prefers), The Hostile Hospital, of Lemony Snicket‘s Series of Unfortunate Events. The books are a gas, a phrase which here means not that they exist in a vaporous state but rather that they are wholly enjoyable. If that last sentence isn’t at all funny to you, well, then, I guess you need to read the books.

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