props to the comment guy

It boggles the mind how much hard work some people will give away for free. The guy who developed BlogBack, the commenting system that I use here on the site, has recently extended the service a whole lot. It’s easier to customize the comments window, and the comments management interface is powerful and easy to use. Though he still makes it available at no cost, it’s high time I sent this guy a donation.

I’d been thinking about trying out a different content management system like Movable Type or WordPress for this site since I wasn’t too fond of the new Blogger commenting system, but now I think I’ll just stick with BlogBack and concentrate on continually improving the design of the site… and maybe even actually writing a bit more often…

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Bunker

    Good! Intellectual property ain’t cheap, as you should well know!

  2. Rob

    I gave him $10 last night and have already been rewarded with a very appreciative e-mail. Very nice.

  3. Bunker

    Donations are good things. As with the MT whining, people think everything on the web should be free. Someone has to use their intellect to build it, and some value is attached by people who use it. Want more good stuff? Pay something to make it worth someone’s while to make it.

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