week 28 and feeling, uh, great

Cheris at 28 weeks preggers Wow. That is one cute pregnant lady, am I right? Other things to report:

  • Cheris reports that the kid is getting “pointier.” From some of the kicks I can feel from the outside, I believe I can safely confirm those reports.
  • The poor darlin’ had to endure a bunch of needle jabs and get some blood drawn (she hates that) at the last doctor visit, but everything’s still fine and dandy, and she’s feeling much better now.
  • She’s really, really just impossibly cute right now. I know I said that just above, and at the last update, but damn.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Matthew Ruzz

    Wow… the guy who used to boss me around in 6th grade Journalism class and years later rock my soul in Ithaca is gonna be a… DADDDY?!? What is this world coming to???

    Glad to stumble across your blog… congrats on the upcoming addition to the family. (btw, Jess had a baby boy in July)

    All the best,

  2. Uncle Doni

    Hi Rob & Cheroots!! Long time. Big belly, big bubbers. Great website, though the political epistles are misguided. I loathe anything "left of Attilla the Hun." Or so I’ve been told, nyuk,nyuk! I just talked to your Mom, and My Mom is doing better today, though the long term prognosis is somewhat grim. I hope she’ll be able to get home soon. Anyhoo, congrats on your imminent bubbs, you will absolutely finally understand the love a parent has, and it stays that way. Love, Unka D

  3. Kardos

    Simply a gorgeous mom to be! Any day now… You’re a lucky man, Mr. Lifford.

  4. Birdie

    Her belly is almost as big as mine

  5. Bunker

    Simply gorgeous!

  6. Granny

    My beautiful baby girl and her beautiful baby to be! I’m the luckiest Mom/Granny in the world…AND…I have the absolute best son-in-law on the planet…nay, in the universe!!!!

  7. Mary & Libby

    Cherootie toot toot!

    Libby and I are sitting here looking at your adorable tummy. We agree with Rob, you are beautiful. Your belly has really grown in the last 4 weeks. Sounds like Flippy is very active. I’m glad you are feeling so well. Do you have Target in Austin? They have the best baby stuff!

    Kisses and loves,

    Libby & Auntie Grams

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