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I think file sharing is fine. I used to make mix tapes back in the early eighties, and if something was done in the early eighties, then dammit, it’s ok in my book. I think that the people who download lots (and I mean lots) of music for free weren’t going to buy my CD in the first place. They also probably shoplift, and huff paint.

— Austin’s inimitable Matt the Electrician, in an interview with the unfortunately-named If you need a laugh, check out the bio on Matt’s website.

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  1. Brian

    For a proper hi-fi audiophile like myself (*ahem, ahem*), downloaded music burned to CD and then played on my crappy stock car stereo sounds like crap! It’s still too much work to find whole CDs at 192 or higher to get a full collection. P2P file sharing is more like a listen-before-you-buy or -before-you-borrow-and-rip-from-a-friend.

  2. Auntie Grams

    Dan, Get a life! There are certainly more important and tragic things you could be spending time ranting about. As always on this blog, people intellectualize too much. blah, blah, blah blah blah! The fact is, Metallica DOESN’T suck. If you want to hear sucky music, listen to anything Mick Jagger attempts to sing.

  3. Dan

    If somebody took an image of a picture I was painting or a snippet of a story I was writing and "released" it into the public I could give a crap. What’s the difference? Now, I will allow that is my opinion and nothing more, but that said, aren’t people taking themselves too seriously what makes the world a crappy, sometimes horrendous, place to live at times (barring natural disaters, which some would argue people ARE). Is music less valuable if some notes, arranged a bit differently than they will eventualy be arranged, are heard by some people? I don’t get it? I don’t get most of what people argue and try to make laws about. Drugs, sex, music, obscenity is one of my favorites… I find it hard to argue about these moral issues. In the end there isn’t much of a debate to be had either you feel one way or the other. But, in my estimation, I will propose, if you find the word "asshole" obscene than you are one, and that goes for Mettalica too.

  4. Dre

    You know, Metallica got pissed because someone got and start circulating a song that wasn’t finished. Who had the rights to distribute it? Do artists get to control what of theirs that gets distributed or not?

    Matt the Electrician rules!

  5. Mrs. Birdie

    I agree – it made me laugh. As far as the intellectual side of it…I’m still trying to remember how to think. It’s hard to recall my name at times these days…hopefully after the baby is born I’ll regain some of that.

  6. Birdie

    The only thing I have against file sharing, is that it takes too long to download porn, I mean music.

  7. DSJ

    Play more live music and make people pay for entry. And sell T-shirts for $35.

  8. Rob

    Hey, I posted that quote because it made me _laugh_. Dan, Bunker, stop trying to make me _think!!_ :^)

  9. Bunker

    The music and film industries aren’t losing money. They’ve managed to manipulate statistics in the same way insurance companies do.

    On the other side, I’m an advocate of intellectual property rights.

    Perhaps we will someday reach the point that they view sharing in the same way software companies did–tacitly accept sharing as a way of marketing your product, but don’t openly tolerate it.

  10. Dan Schultz

    F* file sharers! They should all get mandatory sentences along with that other liberal institution the operates on the same principle… What’s it called?… Oh, yeah!… A library! Damn them!

    Have you seen the ads they are running in movie theaters along with the trailers? Some ahole* that works in the movie industry whines about how they suffer when you download movies and that IT IS A CRIME, mofo*! So watch yo sorry a**, ‘caue you BREAKIN’ THE LAW!

    GIMMIE A FREAKIN’ BREAK! Hollywood suffers from file sharing about as much as a stalk of broccoli suffers when you chop it up.

    Whateva’… I don’t need their crappy movies or music anyway. The more they whine the more I am turned off to bankrolling them anyway. I read that when Metallica got up in arms about filesharing they lost a huge chunk of their fan base for coming off like sissy’s, but then again, maybe it’s just because they suck…

    * This is how you are going to be conveying emphasis when you have a 1 year old.

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