is this thing on?

OK, we’re all moved in at the new host, but I’ve been very lazy about getting the site running again. This is just sort of a test post to see that I’ve re-configured everything alright, but while I’m here I might as well note a few things for the record:

  • Violet is doing fantastic — laughing and smiling a lot, holding her head up, growing like a weed, and sleeping through almost every night. We can’t believe how lucky and blessed we are.
  • We just enjoyed a great, great visit from dear old pals Dave and Michele.
  • I have a new band that I’m having a really good time with; more details on that will have to get onto the site real soon… For now, I’ll just say that we’re called Out of the Blue and you can check out an mp3 track of a fiddle tune medley we recorded (without a fiddle, but there’s some real nice cello on it!) right here.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. brent

    Song sounds great, Rob. Can’t wait to see you play!

  2. Justin

    Violet is awesome!!!!!

  3. Wes Roberts

    PS…Rob, would you mind sending me the site/place where I could access the tune you have on your blog…just wanted to pass it on to some fiends. Thanx!

  4. Wes Roberts

    Hey…Rob and Cheris and Violet! Great meeting you three today…and all the other relatives and friends. Thanks for being such great friends to our daughter, Shannon! And…we really enjoyed the music. If/when you do a full CD…let me know…’cause you’ve just made a sale. If ever you head for Colorado…let us know…for there is a "home away from home" waiting for you three. …Wes, for Judy, too

  5. Bunker

    Glad to see it back up and running. I was beginning to wonder if our granddaughter was occupying all your time!

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