something from Out of the Blue…

Crazy busy lately; can’t seem to find a moment to come up for air, let alone blog about anything.

Recently, though, I’ve quitely launched our Out of the Blue band website. Yes, I know it still needs a lot of polish on the layout and it’s probably hurting bad for some pictures — I’m really not finished with it, but we handed out a bunch of business cards at a recent gig, so we had to have something up there. It’ll be nice when it’s done, really.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. dsj

    “Our set now features tastes of swing, country, folk, rock, celtic, and even classical music, with a balance of vocal and instrumental tunes.” Celtic?!?! Awesome! I like celtic music and would very much like to book you guys for a show in my living room. Does tonight at 7pm work? Drinks on the house.

  2. dsj

    Well, the band never showed. Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and the rest of the guys went home very upset.

  3. Barb

    Just dropped in to say Hi.
    *Saves link in favorites*

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