name that dessert

Most evenings, sometime around 9, my sweet tooth starts making demands.

My darling wife is a pretty good enforcer when it comes to keeping me from buying 50-lb. bags of Oreos or buckets full of Hershey’s Miniatures, so I’ve had to get creative. Here’s the simple-as-dirt bedtime snack that I’ve been whipping up a lot lately:

  1. spread peanut butter, any kind you like, on one side of a warm flour tortilla
  2. sprinkle toasted sesame seeds, available at any Asian grocery, all over it
  3. roll it up tightly and dig in (with a glass of milk on the side, of course)

It just needs a name. Because the taste for peanut butter is typically acquired in the toddler years, and because of the tortilla, I’ve been calling it a “3-year-old Mexican.”

There are some folks I know, however, who find the idea of devouring south-of-the-border babies a little unseemly.

And so here we are. What would you call this delightful comestible?

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Justin

    A Desperate Cry For Help

  2. brent

    Gonna have to agree with Justin on this one.

  3. Barb

    Whatever you call it – it sounds tasty! I love peanut butter even by itself, but the sesame seeds are an interesting touch. I must need help also ;-)

  4. Dave & Shmoo

    since the ‘shmoo’ was the name of the famous peanut butter banana burrito that we invented one summer on the road, this delictable delight obviously should be called the shmoocita

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