search with Blingo and win stuff

So, there’s this search engine called Blingo that gives away prizes a few times a day—iPods, Playstations, Visa gift cards, and other goodies. All the search results are actually just Google results, so you might as well be using Blingo instead and getting a chance to win something every time you search the web (actually, it’s your first ten Blingo searches per day that are eligible to win).

Even better: the Blingo Friends program keeps track of who referred who, so if I win something, the person who referred me wins stuff too. And if you accept this referral from me, sign up, and win something, well, I’ll get it too. We’ve been using Blingo for a while but our buddy Shannon finally hipped us up to the referral program, so now I gots to spread the word.

So go on and sign up already! If you’re a Firefox user, you can add Blingo to your browser search field.

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  1. shan

    That’s so funny, I just did the Blingo plug on my blog last night too, not having seen that you linked to it on yours. I think we have a case of excellente viral marketing going on here!

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