hi, Christopher!

Finally, a free moment to share some really, really super news… My brother and his wife have welcomed their third child to the world! On April 20th, their son Christopher William arrived at 5:48pm. Weighing in at 5lb 11oz, he’s not ready to wrestle his big brother and sister yet, but he’s a healthly little guy, and the whole family is thrilled to say welcome, Christopher!

Cheris and I can’t wait to introduce Violet to her new cousin.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Ann

    Happy Birthday Christopher!

  2. Kardos

    4/20 baby! Love the name! Congratulations!

  3. blog @ greasy elbow » archived posts » a very fond farewell

    […] My great-uncle Mike Cutrone died peacefully in his sleep last night, having turned 94 back on April 20th… the same birthday as our newest family member, it just so happens. We’re already joking, as he certainly would have himself, that he decided to step aside so his new great-great-nephew could have that birthday all to himself. […]

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