Houston, we have a lesbian

[Note: the post title is stolen from the always-hilarious Tom Pearson]

So, Houston has elected its first openly gay mayor, Annise Parker. I wish her and the city very well, but let’s all remember that things aren’t really as they should be until this piece of information about the mayor-elect is not newsworthy.

This is the part of the article that raised my eyebrows:

After the mayoral race entered a runoff, conservatives and anti-gay activists mounted an intense campaign against Parker. Houston residents received flyers in the mail that highlighted Parker’s support from gay groups and her relationship with her partner.

Oh, you mean her 19-year relationship with her partner? I wonder how many people who received the flyer—hell, how many of the people who helped fund and send the flyer—had marriages that didn’t last 19 years?

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  1. Gad A Reinhorn

    hear hear!

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