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Oh, mercy, I wish I’d seen this video a long time ago. Just stumbled across it while reading Salon’s “Twenty-five years of “Weird Al” Yankovic” article from last month. It’s Al’s take on Mr. Bob — oh, and it’s done entirely in palindromes.

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  1. shannou

    I was a huge fan of Weird Al when I was younger. And now? Well, I feel kind of self-conscious admitting this on the internets, but he _is_ pretty hot ever since he lost weight and got rid of the glasses and mustache. This video confirms it!

  2. John

    Clearly Al has waaay too much time on his hands. A spoof on Bob AND in palindromes? Please…

  3. Rob

    Crazy as it sounds, he’s actually just scored the first top 10 album and top 10 single of his entire career; I think this Dylan bit is from several years ago.

  4. Kardos

    Sheer brilliance! Who thinks to do that?…really.

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