Eight weeks? Already?

Violet: happy -- Graham: thoughtful Tomorrow Graham turns eight weeks old. So much to blog but no time to blog it.

Long story short: he’s awesome. His big sister loves him madly.

Since I’m finding less and less time than usual to write posts here, I’ve finally succumbed to the phenomenon that is Twitter. “Microblogging” is the best description I’ve heard for it: each entry is limited to 140 characters and is made in response to the simple question “What are you doing?”

I’m not making my tweets (lingo alert: posts to Twitter) public, but if you’re interested in keeping up with me, create an account and be my guest. This is where I can be found.

Oh, and if you use Mac OS X there’s a great little free app you can use to read and write tweets (see, you’re getting it) called Twitterrific.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Tim Walker

    “. . . I’ve finally succumbed to the phenomenon that is Twitter.”

    Come back from the dark side, Rob!

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