über-geek band names

A while ago some colleagues and I (not 100% sure but Ant and Jon must have been primary accomplices) brainstormed a list of seriously nerdy computer/web development band names that we hadn’t seen anyone using yet, but we forgot to write them down. Just recording the ones I can remember for posterity.

If these phrases make no sense to you whatsoever, disregard this post and surf on along. If you’ve got some to add, well, there’s a comments link below…

  • Kernel Panic (is that one even cooler as “Colonel Panic”?)
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • The Graceful Degraders
  • Dual-Core
  • The Character Entities
  • WYSIWYG (pronounced “whizzywig” — I will really use this one if I ever play some of that space-jazz stuff again)
  • Dubya 3C and the Validators

Crap, I’m already forgetting some of the ones I remembered that prompted me to sit down and write this. Must be past bedtime.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Jon

    Nerdcore band names?

    I have little memory of this, but I’ll play along…

    Earl and the H Refs
    Doc Type and the Transitionals
    The Selectors
    The Voice Family
    Less Than Be Greater Than
    Floating Points Memo
    Position Relative
    Float Left
    Control Sea
    Semantic Jeb

    Ok. It’s late.

  2. L_Santa

    This post just reminds me of my favorite band name of all time:

    Combustible Huxtable

    I don’t think they’re around anymore but that always gets me.

  3. shannou

    Hee! That’s awesome. It reminds me of how band names often can also be good names for both fonts or cats. “C’mere little Wysiwyg!”

  4. ChuMei

    How about:
    Core Dump
    Grep *this*
    Private Variables

  5. Rob J.

    It might not be very nerdy but I always thought “Cream Of Pygmy Soup” would be a good band name.

  6. Chris K

    Here ya go…

    Blue Screen of Death – Nerdy thrash metal band -(remember Demolition Hammer? – Hydrophobia)
    Control Alt Delete
    Silicon Ally
    Hyperlink Euphoria

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