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In the sidebar of this site, I’ve got a section labeled “subscribe to feeds,” offering up the URLs for RSS feeds published by my blogging software. For the curious but still uninitiated, I included a link (“um, what’s a feed?”) that pointed toward a Wikipedia entry on the topic, but always felt that it was still too technical for the folks whom I wanted to introduce to RSS. So I made a little mental note that I should be on the lookout for a better explanation that I could share.

Today I stumbled upon the near-ideal explanation on YouTube and embedded it on a new page on this site: so if you’ve heard a little about RSS or “web feeds” or “web syndication,” and would like to learn a little more, visit my RSS Feeds Explained page.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Regina

    That’s the best explanation I’ve seen :o)!

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