the Lighty Bear GIFs

Cheris took her camera & tripod into Graham’s room a few weeks back and got some great shots of the kiddo as his favorite stuffed bear cycled through its light routine. Since animated GIFs seem to be back in fashion these days, I thought I’d make a couple.

Graham with Lighty Bear, version 1

Graham with Lighty Bear, version 2

I’m not sure if you can export animated GIFs from Photoshop with more than a 256 color palette (or, if you can, I didn’t figure it out), so I think I’ll do some JavaScript-animated ones to compare how this looks with high-resolution images instead of these much-downgraded ones.

UPDATE: here are those higher-res, JavaScript-animated versions.

folks before you had this to say:

  1. Amber

    very cool!

  2. Chris Kardos

    DUDE! I want one of those bears!

  3. Jim Kersey

    These are super cool, and the full color versions are stunning.

  4. Thijs

    Awesome, looks very cool actually! Well done on the high-res js animated ones!

  5. Steven Greenstein

    Those are fantastic! Make me an app where I can submit some number of photos and it will create one of these, ok? And call it LightyBear. Hey — is currently available! Thanks!

  6. Rob

    Too many animated GIF makers already for me to make another!

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