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DL at Becker

Hey Austin-based folks, if you have preschool or kindergarten age kids, or you know people who do please, take a sec to read this. I’m trying to help get out the word about AISD’s two-way Dual Language pilot program, and particularly the transfer opportunities to join that program (and Violet!) at Becker Elementary. This was […]

my first (and almost assuredly only) chicken-themed gangsta rap parody

So, the last post around here was a little serious. Figured I’d lighten it up a little bit with a quick audio/visual project that I thought of a few weeks ago. Read the full backstory in the video description over on YouTube. So, yeah, I can add “novelty musician” to my resumé (well, technically, I […]

stop the TSA madness

Here’s the letter I just sent to my senators and district representative: I am writing to express my extreme displeasure with the new policies and procedures of the Transportation Security Administration. As you know, TSA has recently begun implementing “backscatter” X-ray technology at airports around the country, and for those who choose to opt out […]

hungry hungry… birds?

My first JavaScript mashup game is alive: play it now, please, and let me know what you think in the comments below. It’s best with four players crowded around a keyboard, getting to know each other, but anywhere from 2-4 players can be fun. There were a lot of things I’d like to have done […]

where life takes you

If you had told me, when I was in high school, that both my kids would be born in Texas, and that in the year 2010 I would acquire a flock of 3 chickens, I sure would have had a good, long laugh. In fact, it still gets a laugh out of me today.

my dad, the golf whiz

He really got way too good way too fast. It’s definitely not fair. In my own defense, I’ll just say that it was the only time I’d played since his last visit, a year before. This 9-hole round was at Lions Municipal course in Austin.