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chasing ambulances (and unattainable nominations)

Just watched 60 Minutes while chomping on Sunday dinner, and the show gave an extended profile to Democratic hopeful John Edwards. Cheris thought he was creepy, but he really didn’t bother me at all… until it came up that one of the “great successes” of his legal career was winning a lawsuit with a settlement […]

now THAT’s better

First of all, I’m feeling relaxed here at home after our return last night from really cool, if too-brief, trip to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Thanks a million to Diana and Kristy, and everybody we met or hung out with, for everything. Now, I just can’t contain my glee that that bastard Chris Danze (from […]

the newest person we hate

…is Mr. Chris Danze, who recently brought construction to a halt on a Planned Parenthood clinic here in Austin by pressuring contractors to give up the project because the clinic would provide abortions. If you think he did it by convincing the contractors with carefully reasoned arguments and an honest, straightforward approach, think again. The […]


Can a boss really interrupt a part-time contract employee’s peace and quiet at home, at 9:30 pm on a Wednesday night, to gripe about something that the boss feels was done wrong? Even when the issue can be rectified in mere minutes at the start of the next day’s business hours? Even when the “problem” […]