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biz site & email down

Our business site at is down for a little while, as well as email for that domain. I decided to move the domain to a new registrar & host, and the old host decided to punish me for leaving their service by shutting down my account entirely instead of waiting for the domain registration […]

the culture wars continue…

…and the bad guys are winning big. The bans on gay marriage in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma and Utah also prohibit any type of legal civil union arrangements for same-sex couples. The people of those eight states have now successfully wiped their collective ass with their states’ constitutions. All over those […]

the UN’s corporate welfare office

This may be another fine reason for the US to get the hell out of the UN: Why is Iraq giving $190,000 to Toys R Us? Or $321,000 to Colonel Sanders? Disgusting, if it’s true. A number of American companies come off looking pretty awful in the article, and it sounds like they deserve it […]

go to hell, Zell

I’ve gotta admit, Zell is a really, really cool name. However, Zell Miller is just another shady, slimy, screw-’em-and-smile politician. Mike Rundle illutrates that quite nicely with his post; thanks, Mike. Maybe Miller felt the need to contradict himself so thoroughly because of some personal feud with Kerry that’s come up in the last few […]

write me in for president…

…because if elected, I promise America that any blogger who uses the phrase “the party of hate” (to describe the political party opposite his/her own affiliation) will be hog-tied with USB cable and spanked 14,871 times with his own keyboard. That’s one spank for every time I’ve seen that phrase used this year. Enough of […]

Homer, Ronald, the war

It seems The Simpsons has become like a drug to me. I actually felt a twinge of anxiety when I saw that tonight’s 6 p.m. re-run was being pre-empted by services for the late Ronald Wilson Reagan. No, it doesn’t make me particularly proud to think that my dependence on a cartoon momentarily overshadowed the […]