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props to the comment guy

It boggles the mind how much hard work some people will give away for free. The guy who developed BlogBack, the commenting system that I use here on the site, has recently extended the service a whole lot. It’s easier to customize the comments window, and the comments management interface is powerful and easy to […]

well, never mind…

…about Blogger’s new commenting features. Would’ve taken more effort than it was worth to get it to behave the way I wanted it to. Just went back to the old comment system. Simple & comfortable. Possible big changes afoot in my employment situation in the very near future…

in response…

Well, Blogger has introduced their own commenting system, and I couldn’t resist giving it a try. For now, the old comments (provided graciously by BlogBack), are gone, and I haven’t decided if it’s worth the effort to figure out how to keep those available too. Looking forward to seeing how good a job Blogger has […]

calling all CSS geeks

Getting close to completing a pretty solid new source-ordered 3-column layout. There’s just one little (OK, big) IE5/mac issue to iron out. If you can help with that, please do — I’m too sleepy to keep messing around with it.

fight back (with me)

OK, I have awful insomnia, so I decided to at least be productive. I’ve been messing around under the hood of this site and now we’re testing out a commenting system: a nice-looking, somewhat customizable, and (best of all) free option called BlogBack. Let’s see how it goes.

ahhh that’s better (or, Warning: blogging may be habit forming)

A minor issue with my web host has just been resolved that had been in effect since early Tuesday; I couldn’t upload files or post new blog entries. It’s a little creepy that even though I had nothing to post, I was kind of disturbed that I couldn’t. Hope everyone had a holly-jolly Christmas. Even […]